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Your mission begins after you leap from an army assault copter into the dense jungle engulfing the banks of the might Amazon.

From this point forward you must battle past hordes of alien soldiers equipped with awesome extra-terrestrial firepower, relying mainly on your guerilla warfare instincts to survive.

Standing between you and destiny are eight defense zones, with the final zone evoking the ultimate challenge – the destruction of Red Falcon.

To advance from one zone to another you must wipe-out heavily defended detection sensors confronting you at the end of each zone. These sensors are designed to warn Red Falcon of your approach so he can send forth stranger reinforcements.

To destroy Red Falcon in the final zone, you’ll have to maneuver your way into his alien body, and then destroy his cruel, cold heart. Needles to say, this isn’t easy.

Fortunately, for your sake, 6 different super weapons scattered throughout Red Falcon’s defenses are at your disposal. Of course attaining these weapons is a risky business.

And to do so, you must first blast away special flying capsules and pill-box sensors, and then capture the released Falcon symbols. Contra & super contra game can be played by either one or two players. If two play, play as a team to survive.

A single player can use either Control 1 or Control 2. When two players act as commandos, both controls are used. Scores are displayed between defense zones and at the end of the game.

The game ends when you’ve lost the last of your 3 lives, or when you destroy the Red Falcon. For every stage you successfully overcome, you receive one extra life.
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